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Welcome to Energy Anew, Inc.

Energy Anew, Inc. creates systems for solar energy capture and improved resource management for a wide variety of industrial applications. We are inventing state-of-the-art and sustainable technology that will meet the world's increasing energy and resource demands with lower costs and decreased environmental impact.

Energy Anew understands that the economics of industrial processes are fundamentally driven by energy prices. We recognize that technology will emerge to challenge existing industries once the impact of rising energy prices is understood. Energy Anew uses innovative renewable energy and resource management technologies to capitalize on the opportunities created by changing resource costs.

Solar energy, the lowest-cost form of thermal energy, is currently not in widespread industrial use for a number of reasons, including seasonal limitations and higher per Watt installation costs. Most industrial processes have relied on convenient fossil fuel energy that was once available at low costs. With the growing uncertainty of crude oil and natural gas supply and the increasing global demand for energy, many experts are predicting steady increases in energy prices and a forced transition to alternative energy systems.

We think that solar energy and more efficient resource management will play a large role in meeting the world's future energy needs. Energy Anew is creating innovative solar energy capture systems that will allow the world's industries to run cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Energy Anew, Inc.: Transforming industries by capturing the sun.

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